• New BBM Beta Released: No Ads, Vanity PINS

    As the song says, "Money makes the world go 'round, the world go 'round..", and its the same for BlackBerry in their quest to monetize BBM. BlackBerry offered up BBM Stickers and now, they're offering up two new features for BBM in their Beta Zone. You can now have no more ads in BBM and vanity PINS, for a price.

    The cost to get a vanity PIN (with a cool little banner for your profile picture) will be $1.99/month and to have ads removed from your BBM, it will run you $.99/month. The beta version has been released for both BlackBerry 10 and iPhone beta members. So, if you're a Beta Zone member participating in the BBM beta, you can now subscribe to these new offerings.

    Let us know if you're participating in the BBM Beta and you've chosen to subscribe to the new BBM subscriptions in the comments section below.

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