• Netflix: "We Donít Support BlackBerry Today, Our Plans Can Change."

    Twitter exploded last night when official Netflix account @netflixhelps tweeted: "We donít have any current plans to support Blackberry, including Playbook." BlackBerry fans everywhere decided to send countless amounts of tweets back to Netflix showing their extreme disappointment.

    It became even more of an outage when people started to realize the devices they do support. Gaming devices like the Nintendo 3DS, and the PS Vita, which are not ideal streaming devices, all have Netflix support. The PlayBook and its beautiful 7" display, no luck.

    The response from the BlackBerry community has been so overwhelming that @netflixhelps tweeted this afternoon in response:
    "Generally we want to be on every screen thatís relevant to you. While we donít support Blackberry today, our plans can change. Thanks all!"
    Hopefully Netflix will see what it could potentially have in the BlackBerry community and release an app for us to enjoy. Until then, my subscription (which I canceled last night) will remain inactive. If you can't support my devices, I can't support you with my money.

    Hey Hulu and Skype, start taking notes before we come after you two as well...
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