• Netflix Falters On Bringing App To BlackBerry 10?

    As it seems to be a trend of late for tech-sites to report news that isn't happening, AllThingsD have reported that Netflix has no current plans to bring an app forward for BlackBerry 10.

    According to The D, "Sources say Netflix isn’t developing a version of its app for BlackBerry 10 — native or port".

    Well, that's a bind isn't it? Not content with their sources they follow up with a spokesperson who also tells us, "We have no current plans for a BlackBerry app." Most likely between telling the cashier what lunch he wants and what kind of coffee he'll have to go with it.

    While the standard PR posturing is rife throughout the article, there is a good point raised about there being a Windows Phone Netflix app. Would it be unreasonable to assume that should the volumes of BlackBerry 10 phones shipping exceed Windows Phone's current marketshare, then we'll see a Netflix app magically appear? At what point would a BlackBerry 10 Netflix app be a viable option for the big red company?

    BlackBerry representatives have stated in the past that they are in talks with Netflix among other companies to bring their apps to BlackBerry 10.

    Of course, all of this doesn't resolve the key issue:

    Who watches movies on their smartphones anyway?

    Source: AllThingsD

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