• Nemory Studios’ Messenger For Facebook Available In BlackBerry World

    Nemory Studios let us know that they’ve release their latest build Messenger for Facebook outside of beta testing, with the app update now available in BlackBerry World. Messenger is a native third-party Facebook Messenger Client on BlackBerry 10.

    The new features include:

    • New and Improved User Interface
    • New and Improved User Experience
    • New Emojis and Emoticons Keyboard
    • New Unlimited Multiple Accounts
    • New and Improved Settings
    • New Wallpapers Store
    • New Tutorials for First Time Users
    • New Dedicated Profile Page
    • New Extra Security Password Layer
    • Set App Wallpapers
    • Set App Color Schemes
    • Set Application Themes
    • Option to make Enter Key as Submit Key or New Line Key
    • Add Friends to Favorites for Fast and Easy Access
    • Add Friends to Favorites (Pro)
    • Set to Dark Theme (Pro)
    • App Color Schemes (Pro)
    • Apply App Wallpapers (Pro)
    • Unlimited Multi Accounts (Pro)
    • Emojis + Emoticons Keyboard (Pro)
    • App Security Password Lock (Pro)
    • No ADS (Advertisements) (Pro)

    The Lite version enables you to try out the Pro features for 7 days. Upgrading to the Pro version has been made free for existing users.

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