• Neatly For Twitter Updated To v1.2.2

    With the less than stellar native Twitter app on my Z10, I've had to find an alternative Twitter apps called Neatly to make due with until a more robust native Twitter app comes to BB10. Neatly For Twitter has received a revamped & extensive upgrade early this week to v1.2.2, bringing many much needed tweaks & bug fixes

    This update includes:
    • Post Tweet in background
    • Pull to refresh
    • Show the tweet you are replying to in the post tweet view
    • UI improvements and changes
    • Fixed problem when sometimes Arabic text appears as (?????????)
    • Coloring hash tags mentions and urls in the timeline and tweet view
    • "New Tweets" counter is now persistent
      • tap on it to skip all and go to top
      • the "to top" button is "to unread" if there is any new tweet

    • Choose a user to post with from the Post tweet view without switching user.
    • All new topics engine
    • Switch theme
    • More notification options
    • performance improvements
    • bug fixes

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