• NATO Employees Prep For SecuVoice and BlackBerry 10

    It's no secret that Germany is big on security. They've been called the "Cayman Islands of Privacy". And Germany is one part of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) which in 2013 confirmed BlackBerry 10 as a viable secure platform for calls and messaging. Now, SecuVoice has been approved by Germany for official use with the BlackBerry 10 platform for them. This is one big step closer to its implementation.

    Among other things, this means BlackBerry's security software push, device creation, and BB10 aren't going anywhere any time soon. At least not in the enterprise world.

    The NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCI Agency) is continuing its evaluation process of the SecuVOICE for BlackBerry 10 solution for potential use for NATO mobile voice and text communication following the solution being approved by the BSI for the NATO restricted security classification.

    The evaluation includes equipping a select group of NATO and NCI Agency employees with the solution. The Blackberry OS 10 platform was approved by the NCI Agency for the NATO Restricted security classification back in October 2013. This approval also covers communication by email.

    “We are delighted about the speed with which the decision was made to put SecuVOICE for BlackBerry 10 into practical use. More than anything, this highlights the urgent need for effective protection to ensure secure mobile communication. We see the use of our technology by NATO as a further milestone and a sign of the high level of trust being placed in our solution,” summarizes Hans-Christoph Quelle, CEO of Secusmart GmbH, a BlackBerry subsidiary.

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