• Native BlackBerry Parental Controls For OS 6 & OS 7 Smartphones Now In App World

    The native BlackBerry Parental Controls feature is now available in App World for users with a BlackBerry 6 or BlackBerry 7 OS smartphone. Those with OS 5 will see a compatible version in the near future, but RIM has not specified when that exact date will be.

    The parental control app must first be downloaded and installed to your device, in which it then becomes integrated into your current operating system. The file size is only 76kb so don't worry about it being heavy on your memory. Once the app is installed, parents and guardians will have the ability to restrict access to specific functions, features and applications on the smartphone. Parental Controls is not compatible with devices that use a BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

    I know a lot of parents out there will appreciate having this feature on their children's devices. Now they will have the power and peace of mind to be able to control what, and how much, their kid interacts on their BlackBerry.

    Note: This app won't replace being a responsible parent, but it will help. <insert smiley>

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