• Native BlackBerry 10 App "What's On?" Updated To v2.0

    The last time we wrote about the native BlackBerry 10 app, What's On?, developer Jason Oickle was in the processes of ramping up the app with a new update. We are happy to announce that the new version 2.0 is now live in BlackBerry World! Here are a few words from Jason about his app:

    This blazing fast native app allows you to stay up to date with the latest TV News, Track your favorite shows with the latest Listings, Schedules, built-in Calendar Reminders and more! This App has achieved the Built for BlackBerry designation. This means that it has been through a rigorous approval process at BlackBerry and will deliver a quality BlackBerry 10 experience.
    Features Include:

    • The latest TV related news from TV Rage.
    • Add your favorite shows for quick and easy access.
    • Mark episodes as "watched" and track your progress for each saved series.
    • A 7-day TV schedule with the ability to set Calendar Reminders from the schedule.
    • Saved shows are automatically highlighted in the schedule.
    • Choose the country for your schedule. Currently supported: US, CA, UK, AU.
    • Detailed series information with show and episode summary's and air dates.
    • Search the TV database.
    • Active frame scrolls through the latest TV news items.
    • Various keyboard shortcuts for QWERTY users.
    • NEW Reminders section with deep calendar integration so you can manage your reminders without leaving the app!

    NOTE: Only new episodes appear in the schedule, repeat episodes do not! - Canadian users should select the US schedule unless you only want to see Canadian specific programming.

    You can download What's On? via BlackBerry World for only $2.99. The app is available for all BlackBerry 10 models.

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