• Mysterious BlackBerry Android Smartphone Beta Appears Online

    We are less than 16 hours away from BlackBerry Mobile's unveiling of the codenamed Mercury device. The return to the iconic QWERTY keyboard in a Android-based smartphone is getting many tech enthusiasts excited!

    Strangely so, a mysterious Betabound email arrived earlier this evening for Android Blackberry Private Beta. While the timing seems opportune for a Mercury in-field testing, this could easily be BlackBerry trying to seed some DTEK50 or DTEK60 devices to non-BlackBerry users.

    If you're interested in applying, here are their requirements:

    • Must live in Canada
    • Must have an Android smartphone
    • Has used a Blackberry in the past

    The "Midnight" beta program will likely fill up quickly with die-hard BlackBerry fans joining in. Space is likely limited, so apply!

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