• My First Berry Experience

    It was warmer than most February days, but I could still see my breath in the cool Minnesota air. My decision was made. I was ready for the next step in what would be the start of an incredibly passionate journey. I was getting ready to embark on a journey full of bumps and curves in the road. A journey that would bring others along for a ride to the future of mobile platforms. A journey that would inspire more then just myself. Haters will fight and clash simply because they can, but my driven passion would not stop me.

    It was all but a completed mission, a milestone in my short thus-far completed life. I, of course, remember the day so well. It was as if it just happened. I can't explain exactly why I decided to choose this phone. I can tell you I've wanted one for as long as I can remember. I never really needed one, my social life consisted of a few local friends and some ICQ friends. My email needs that were once a huge priority, were now no longer an important requirement but I desired this phone, and I got one.

    It was the beginning of the 2008 tax refund season and I had received my refund a few weeks ago. I was looking to get a new phone to replace my old Nokia. I had been sharing a line on my parents plan which made my bill a lot cheaper than today's monthly fee, but that was a much simpler time.

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