• Mr. Number Call Block - Now Does Text Messages

    Mr. Number Call Block is a free call blocking app that has recently been updated to include the ability to block text messages. Considering the app is free, it offers users a lot of value with features such as:

    • Choose how to handle blocked calls (send to voicemail or hang up)
    • Automatically block tens of thousands of known telemarketers – list updated daily
    • Block individual phone numbers, a contact, an entire area code or the world
    • Block private and restricted numbers
    • Customizable whitelist: make sure the right people always get through
    • History of every call blocked and why
    • Notifications of blocked calls in your inbox (optional)
    • Big easy on/off button in case you change your mind

    With all the customizations for blocking certain calls, it makes it easy to only receive calls that are important to you. I currently use this app and like it! Try this free app and see if you don’t agree.

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