• Move Over Netflix - Wuaki Is On The UK Scene

    Update: Thanks to our reader John Flower for pointing out you don't need Desktop Mode enabled. Just turn on Adobe Flash in the browser and you're good to go!

    Sometimes it can hurt to be a BlackBerry owner. You want to give companies your money to bring a service to a handset that you own. So having the Netflix CEO just dismiss BlackBerry 10 out of hand can be frustrating.

    For UK fans, there's hope that this tide can change as a new streaming service, Wuaki.tv, has recently launched and BlackBerryOS can exclusively state that the service works on BlackBerry 10 phones!

    Although Wuaki currently only supports Windows and Mac desktop computers, I've discovered that by using the same workaround utilised in my Shazam article you can happily watch your favourite movies and TV shows in the BlackBerry 10 Browser app.

    The really compelling thing about Wuaki.tv is that while they are in 'beta' and establishing their services and content, UK consumers can sign up for just £2.99 per month. This isn't for a short term. This is for the life of the subscription.

    When I discovered that the service is essentially ready to roll on BlackBerry 10, I reached out to Wuaki.tv to let them know and ask if they are considering a BlackBerry 10 app:

    I'm so glad that you like our service and that it works on your Blackberry!

    We do plan to launch our apps for Smart TVs, tablets and gaming consoles this summer. I cannot be sure about the Blackberry platform, but I can as [sic] our technical team and get back to you when I have some information.
    As soon as we hear any more, we'll let you know. But they won't build it if the demand isn't there. Try out Wuaki.tv for yourself and let them know that you want to see their app come to BlackBerry 10 as well!

    Check out the video on how to set up your BlackBerry to use the service.

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