- More Of Your Friends Less Likely To Purchase iPhone, BlackBerry Brand On The Rise
  • More Of Your Friends Less Likely To Purchase iPhone, BlackBerry Brand On The Rise

    Forbes is reporting that according to new information from YouGov and BrandIndex, BlackBerry's Ad Awareness is on the rise. Which basically means more people are aware that BlackBerry is out there with a new product that might interest them. Interestingly the data also shows that there has been a decline on "purchase intent" of Apple's iPhone. As Forbes put it:

    The brand’s (BlackBerry) ad awareness among smartphone owners rose from a low of 6% in mid-January to 21% by the end of February. Perhaps equally advantageous for BlackBerry is that Apple has seen both its ad awareness and purchase intent numbers for the iPhone drop during the same period.
    All in all this opens the door for BlackBerry to more fully unload their marketing blitz on US consumers. Brand awareness coupled with a decrease in iPhone purchases makes the opportunity ripe for the picking.

    BlackBerry has definitely prepared in all facets for this launch and have invested a considerable amount of resources in increasing its presence both online with promoted ads on twitter and on the air with their $4Million Super Bowl ad. There have also been efforts to get BlackBerry some exposure in print media with their New York Times take-over a few months ago. We won't know for sure how successful BlackBerry 10 will be in the US until after the top 3 major carriers have launched the device, but one thing is for sure. When Thorsten Heins said the device would sell it self after a one minute demo, he was wrong. All it takes is 30 seconds.

    An added quote from the Financial Times on the Forbes article made my blood boil and at the same time smile a little bit. We've expressed how much we resent the new Z10 being compared to an iPhone, but in this case it is not all bad, looking at it from an angle of opportunity.

    The Financial Times, for one, effusively makes the case that the company has out-Appled Apple: “Within 30 seconds of picking it up, I felt as if I had the iPhone 6 in my hand. Running iOS 7. It is an awesome phone, with a pleasing new operating system, BB10.”
    Will your compadres, loved ones and neighbors be picking up a Z10 next week? Let us know in the comments.

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