• More video of PlayBook in Portrait mode

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    After seeing the PlayBook being demoed in portrait mode on video for the first time yesterday, the guys from Engadget managed to get a short video clip (see video above) of the PlayBook in portrait mode at a BlackBerry WebWorks developer event in San Francisco. Engadget reports...

    We may have gotten our first hint about what RIM's doing with the recently-purchased TAT -- we overheard that the PlayBook's bezel gestures actually aren't quite finalized yet, and that the astonishingly silent UI design division may be lending a hand. On the all-important subject of battery life we don't have much to add beyond earlier boasts, but a staffer did tell us that RIM's shooting for a "full work day" of juice. Last but not least, we were told that Jim Balsillie's module cavity certainly exists, but it's not the user-upgradable slot or socket we'd hoped -- rather, it's a orifice deep inside the PlayBook for hardware enhancements at the factories where devices are built.

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