• More Up Close Images Of BlackBerry 10 Alpha Developer Device!

    We knew this was coming! Just a couple days ago we got our first look at the BB 10 Alpha dev device in which had us all questioning the physique and details of the body. Today, the device gets undressed a bit more as CB posts more leaked photos, yet again. This time showing some hardware features, and from different angles.

    Something else I ought to point out in the middle of all of this leaked photo pandemonium, is that the mockup I made of a BB 10 device looks strikingly along the same lines *snickers*. But I was going off of what we were told by RIM, that the device would look similar to the PlayBook. Amazing what fakes we saw along the way. Just riveting! But remember, this is just a Alpha device, and we are told by RIM that this device is not going to be the finished product BB 10 device to release this fall.

    It looks as though from the images that there is a HDMI, USB, and possibly a SIM or SD slot on one side. On the other the volume controls which most likely will model after the PlayBook's volume up/down and play/pause button in between. There is no buttons on the homescreen (yes!), which means that gestures are most likely going to be part of how the OS operates.

    I'm betting we see a few more leaked photos of the the actual OS in action before the BlackBerry 10 Alpha devices are given out at the BB 10 Jam conference on Wednesday. Stay tuned...

    Check out the other BB 10 Alpha pics in the forums, and let us know what you think about the leaked shots of the BlackBerry 10 Alpha Dev device in the comments!

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