• More RIM Employee Letters Surface

    And so RIM's internal mutiny continues. After an "Open Letter" from a RIM employee was released online yesterday and RIM's quick reply via their official blog was posted, we have more drama to talk about unfortunately. Today, BGR reported they've been getting tons of emails from both current and former employees backing up the first anonymous letter and the author's accuracy. Out of all of those received they've decided to publish two letters which you can check out here.

    To say this is getting bad would be an understatement. These letters are pointing some serious problems that seem to have no quick solution because they go all the way back to the core of RIM's current structure in development and strategy. While their authors intentions might be aimed in the correct direction, all the backlash that's coming out of this will only hurt RIM for the time being. It pretty much sucks to even have to be publishing such negative stories as RIM's problems are already pretty well known and these new letters seem to repeat the same thing all over again. Hopefully in the next coming days we'll have some positive news to report instead (new device announcement or leaks maybe?).
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