• More Priv Hands-On Pics Keep Us Lusting For The Device

    Austrian news site, derStandard.at got their hands on a pre-production BlackBerry Priv and did a rather nice full up review. They caveat the review with a disclaimer about the unfinished device. Crackberry notes the differences between their device and others we've seen. Most notably the missing battery charging bar on the right side curve of the display while charging.

    I won't spend any time talking about the author's notes about the hardware to include camera darkness, keyboard sensitivity, audio clarity, OS lag (processor, ram, optimization), or button functions. It's pre-production. Who know what the final product will be like?

    It is a great review overall though of the device you won't likely own until it's produced for the public. You can see his pictures and read the full review here.

    Almost simultaneously, a user got their hands on a Priv at a conference from a BlackBerry exec. The post on reddit notes:

    I must admit, it's a VERY nice device. It was actually thinner than my Note 5!
    It also seemed snappy and smooth and the keyboard was also very nice. It had full access to the Play store as you would expect and he had a few apps loaded.
    The screen was very nice with a high PPI and it seemed to curvey around the edges. I have to say that I'm definitely interested in Blackberry again!
    You can see more images and his post (and a slew of varying degrees of "I like it" and "I hate it" comments) on the reddit post.

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