• More Pictures Leak Of Mysterious BlackBerry Device, This Time In Red

    Update Our suspicions were correct. Oscar Álvarez from BerryNation.es is th author of the renders we saw. Shocked that the Q5 appeared in last month's BlackBerry Live all alone, he took it upon himself to create an image of what the Z5 might look like. Check out the rest of the hi-res images here. Thanks Oscar, you got us all excited for t Z5 now. I really hope it ends up looking like your renders.

    The Q10 just landed south of the Canadian border and we still have at least 3 more devices unaccounted for until the end of the year. Rumors have been flying around regarding an A-Series device, which was allegedly pictured recently.

    Today, however, another picture is circulating the interwebs of a Q5 next to what could in fact be the Z10's smaller brother, the Z5. This may just end up being some sort of render and not in fact the actual device, but notice that it does look slightly different than the device pictured earlier this week.

    Whats interesting in this case is that this device appears to have a red coating on the back side, which could turn out to be highly popular with younger consumers if this device matches the color offerings for the Q5. I've added the images below as so you can compare.

    Again, these images have not been confirmed, and may very well be fan renders, but I must say they are looking pretty realistic to me. The year is far from over, so keep it locked here for all the news on the upcoming BlackBerry 10 devices.

    What do you think is this legitimately the Z5? Sound off in the comments.

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