• More Pictures Of The 4G,3G BlackBerry PlayBook Surface

    We have already seen quite a few pictures of RIM's upcoming 4G/3G PlayBook. The latest wave of leaked pictures gives us a better idea of how the 4G/3G components will integrate with the PlayBooks OS. Reports are also coming in that the new 4G/3G models will have NFC support, and that users will be able to utilize BlackBerry protect. This is great news, BlackBerry protect is a feature that all users should be familiar with.

    In addition, we will most likely see a modified version of PlayBook OS 2.0 to address the needs of 4G/3G radios as well as any other new components RIM decides to release with it. The PlayBook 4G/3G models are expected to be out sometime later this year.

    Take a look at the latest pictures and let us know your thoughts. Are you planning on purchasing a 4G/3G capable PlayBook or will you wait for a 10" version that could have mobile network options?

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