• More Leaked BlackBerry 10 R-Series Pictures Show Off Its Glossy Back

    Cinco de Mayo should officially be renamed R-Series day. Since the first leak in the early hours of this morning, we are now getting a second helping of leaked pictures of this next device for our enjoyment.

    In this grouping of pictures, we get a chance to actually see the back of the R-Series device. It looks cool, but if BlackBerry does intend to keep it the same as pictured above, the rounded glossy back will definitely remind some long time smartphone users of the early iPhone models.

    In this second picture, we see that the R-Series is actually slightly longer than the already released BlackBerry Q10. It will definitely be interesting to see how typing feels on a device even bigger than the Q10, seeing as how this device was already bigger than the Bold 99xx to begin with.

    Now that we've pretty much seen what this device will look like in three different flavors, and have in terms of specs, are you a fan? Let us know below!

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