• More Details On Upcoming BlackBerry World Promo/Coupon Codes

    We've reported not too long ago that BlackBerry has plans to bring coupon/promo codes to BlackBerry World, starting with BlackBerry OS 10.1. Ronen from BerryReview was able to discover a knowledge base document that talks about the possible errors one might encounter when using a promo code. Without an affiliate program, this will be the next best thing to get developers the tools they need to better market their apps unto a larger audience. Check out the document details below:

    • Redemption per code limit is reached – The defined redemption limit for the specific promo code has been reached
    • Total Redemption limit is reached – The defined number of downloads for the specific promo has been reached
    • Promotion not supported for this Content – The promo code does not apply to the content you are accessing
    • Promotion is not started – The promo code being used has not yet started
    • Promotion is expired – The promo code has expired and is no longer valid
    • Promotion is not active – The promo code is not yet activated
    • Invalid Promotion Id – The selected application is not part of the promotion
    • Promotion Code returned null – The promo code is not valid
    • Promotion Content returned null – The promo code is valid but the promotional content is not supported by either your device or country or wireless provider
    • Promotion id or locale is null – The required locale is not specified

    These error codes clue us in that developers will have the options to:

    • Limit promo codes on how many times they can be used
    • Set start and end times for the promotion
    • Specify specific products for the promotion
    • Specify specific locale for the promotion
    • Set Promotion based on your device, country or wireless provider

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