• More BBM Stickers Added To The BBM Store

    More and more stickers are popping up in the BBM Shop. It's fair to assume that since the powers that be decided to monetize BBM, more and more stickers are going to be added. It's great to have a variety of stickers to choose from but I'm of the opinion that it's a novelty that may be wearing itself thin, if not now, then very soon.

    Here is a list of the new stickers in the BBM Shop:

    1. Dungberries by Bear Tree Media- As the description says.."Send these humerous(sp) stickers to express what and how you really feel." Use your imagination to what Dungberries consist of.
    2. The Public Zoo from HLL Designs. These stickers are about Hickup the Panda and his friends.
    3. From Frank by Kate Smith. These stickers are actually pretty clever. Still photos of dogs and cats with funny sayings underneath.

    All stickers are available for $1.99

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