• MOLOME Brings Instagram-like App To BlackBerry

    Look, every platform has them. Different apps that are only available to certain people due to their alliance with a specific smartphone OS. We have BlackBerry Messenger, Android and iOS have apps like Instagram. Developers of each platform try their best to make apps that resemble and give the feel of those apps not natively available to them (i.e. Kik, WhatsApp; etc).

    One of the apps that I've really wanted to come to BlackBerry platform is Instagram. It looks pretty cool, not gonna lie. Well apparently we've had a pretty cool app in App World that makes photo sharing pretty easy.

    MOLOME Key Features
    • Fast camera access for instant sharing
    • 14 magical filters, including the all time popular Vignette, Parlo, Croosy, Old Paper, Vintage, Sepia and Black & White
    • New filters for MOLOME™ Blackberry release: Rainbow
    • Sharing to MOLOME™ network, Facebook and Twitter
    • Earn Badges
    • Follow and view Friends' photos
    • View Popular photos
    • Love and comment photos
    • Notification
    • Easy view and update your own profile & photo
    • Optimize performance for Blackberry devices
    • Fast upload speed
    • 100% free and unlimited photo uploads
    • 640x480 screen resolution are fully supported
    The app still has a couple of visual bugs that need to be worked out but it shouldn't be too hard to address this in future builds. I just got started with my MOLOME account and it works pretty well. The Twitter integration is definitely my favorite part of the app. Thanks to @BBeesnHoney for the tip!

    Note: MOLOME is only compatible with:

    BlackBerry Curve 8520, 8900, 9300, 9350, 9360, 9370
    BlackBerry Storm 9500, 9530, 9550
    BlackBerry Bold 9700, 9780 9900, 9930
    BlackBerry Torch 9800, 9810
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