- MOLOME Brings The Best Instagram-Like Experience To BlackBerry
  • MOLOME Brings The Best Instagram-Like Experience To BlackBerry

    I have rediscovered an app and I wanted to be able to share my excitement with all of you out there. MOLOME is a social network/photo sharing app that lets you add filters and frames to your pictures. You can then share these pictures across your social networks and lets your followers "love" or comment on them.

    Now, MOLOME has been out for a little while and I remember writing about this app back in January and while it worked and did what it was suppose to, it wasn't smooth at all. It had a ton of bugs and frankly, it got old, quickly.

    Since then though, MOLOME has been updated a few times. With this latest update, v2.1.9.2, the app has gotten a whole hell of a lot better. I decided to reinstall it and I'm so glad I did.

    MOLOME Key Features

    • Fast camera access for instant sharing
    • 14 magical filters, including the all time popular Vignette, Parlo, Croosy, Old Paper, Vintage, Sepia and Black & White
    • Sharing to MOLOME™ network, Facebook and Twitter
    • Earn Badges
    • Follow and view Friends' photos
    • View Popular photos
    • Love and comment photos
    • Notification
    • Easy view and update your own profile & photo
    • Optimize performance for Blackberry devices
    • Fast upload speed
    • 100% free and unlimited photo uploads

    Also worth mentioning is that after you "MOLO" a picture, it gets automatically saved a new MOLOME folder in your Picture Gallery.

    I would really, really love to see MOLOME make its way to the PlayBook and eventually BB10. Whether that happens as a native app or Android port, it would be a super welcome edition to the PlayBook OS as well.

    The only problem I do have with MOLOME is how you set a picture to be your Profile Picture. You have to actually post a picture first, then open that picture and click the + button and choose Make Profile Picture.

    Unfortunately, that's not very user friendly and hopefully that will change in the near future with an update.

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