• Mockit Comes Out Of Beta And Is Now In BlackBerry World

    Mockit, the fantastic Meme maker from OSBB Code Labs, has been released from the BlackBerry Beta Zone and made it into BlackBerry World. If you haven't had the opportunity to use Mockit, I highly recommend this app. It is exclusive to BlackBerry 10 and you can use it to make and share memes from a plethora of famous meme subjects or you can "mock up" your own photos and screen shots. Mockit also has 20 + photo frames and stickers. It also includes 6 color schemes for more personalization. I made the above meme with Mockit a week ago. It's just so easy to use.

    Here are a few of Mockit's features:
    • Natively built
    • Meme Generator
    • Device Mock Creator
    • Photo Frame Studio
    • Two Free Sticker Collections
    • 20+ Photo Frame templates
    • Smooth, beautiful and fast interface

    You can download Mockit for BlackBerry 10 in BlackBerry World. Best of all, it's free.

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