• MKM Partners Managing Director Confirms BlackBerry Z10 Name? Or Just Reiterates The Latest Rumor?

    Has the MKM Partners Managing Director, Mike Genovese, slipped and revealed that "BlackBerry Z10" will be the official name of the L-Series device? BBin has noticed in a recent FoxBusiness video interview, that Genovese called the device the BlackBerry Z10. But was he simply reiterating the rumor that recently surfaced?

    Since the rumor surfaced before the interview, it's highly possible that he was simply going off of what he had already heard on the rumor. If he did have the knowledge, one would think that this type of high level information wouldn't be easily spouted out so loosely. It does certainly add more wonder to what the final name will be.

    At about minute 2:05 is when he calls the device the BlackBerry Z10. See the video here.

    What do you think?

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