• May Comes And Goes, And U.S. Carriers Still Haven't Released OS 10.1 For The Z10

    Today is June 1st, which means yesterday was May 31st, also known as the last day in the month of May. Why is this significant? Well back in mid-May in Orlando, Florida, during the BlackBerry Live 2013 keynote, Thorsten Heins announced BlackBerry 10.1 would be rolling out for the Z10 that very week for most carriers, except of course, U.S. carriers.

    According to Thorsten, those updates would come "later this month (May)" for the U.S. Unfortunately, as always, U.S. carriers have failed to deliver, and BlackBerry will of course take the fall for it. Three major U.S. carriers sell the Z10: Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile. Not a single one has released the much desired 10.1 OS update. Why? Let's take a look at some possibilities.

    The world is a beta tester

    The release of the Z10, and the Q10, in the U.S. has happened much after the release in other areas of the world. Some believe this was done to create hype, and build up a wave of momentum for the U.S. launches. Many, myself included, have speculated this is instead because BlackBerry wants to deliver the best experience possible to the U.S. market, and that takes a little bit more time.

    Not to be insulting to the rest of the population, but it's almost like with the releases of the Z10, and Q10 (and OS updates as well), the rest of the world is a giant beta tester in anticipation of the real big release, which occurs in the U.S.

    For example, OS 10.0.9.xxx sucked in a couple ways (battery life being the biggest issue), but U.S. customers never saw the first OS 10.0.9.xxx (aside from Verizon customers, that's another issue, see below) because by the time the Z10 was released here, those issued had been addressed in OS 10.0.10.xxx.

    If you're running an official 10.1 build on your Z10 right now, you'll notice it's awesome, but could use a little refinement. BlackBerry could be feeding U.S. carriers a more improved 10.1 OS (as well as other carriers), and that is why they have taken this long to put it out there for us.

    Or it's just incompetence...

    U.S. carriers are extremely incompetent at times. For crying out loud, Verizon Z10 owners still have OS 10.0.9.xxx on their devices even though according to Big Red and BlackBerry, it has all the improvements of 10.0.10.xxx. So why not fucking call/label it that? We still don't know.

    U.S. carriers could very well have decided, "Hey let's release 10.1 at the same time we release the Q10. 10.1 on the Q and 10.1 on the Z." In Verizon, and T-Mobile's case, that's June 6th, so it's possible a 10.1 OS update was pushed back one or two weeks to accommodate this date instead. We're hoping AT&T will be releasing the Q10 on this same date, but for right now, we simply don't know.

    This OS update is a big deal. OS 10.1 is pretty freaking great. It brings some much needed improvements to the UI, and overall functions of the OS, and also, a big, kind of important app requires it in order to be downloaded in BlackBerry World, Skype. Hopefully, we'll only have to wait another few days. Hopefully, we get it this coming week. With Magenta, Ma Bell, and Big Red though, I wouldn't hold my breath, but we shall see.

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