• Mark Your Calendars: BES12 Enterprise Developer Webcast Set For August 25

    With BES12 v12.2 being released with multi-OS support back in July, BlackBerry is hosting a new webcast to share what exactly that means for enterprise developers looking to build and/or deploy apps within that environment.

    The release of BES12® v12.2 introduced new features that present interesting opportunities to enterprise developers. Tune in to our live global webcast on August 25, 2015 at 11 am EDT to learn all about them.

    • Discover how to distribute certificates to Android™ Secure Workspace (SWS), Android for Work (AfW) and Samsung KNOX™
    • Learn how to activate an Android™ for Work solution on your phone with BES12.2
    • Understand what support for the work container on Samsung KNOX means to you
    • Learn how support of Apple Device Enrolment Program (DEP) and Volume Purchase Program (VPP) provides an easy way to bill for your apps in an enterprise environment
    • Explore how support for the UDP protocol through BlackBerry® Secure Connect Plus enables you to deploy VOIP/stream audio/video/etc.
    Registration for the webcast is open to all, so head over to registration page to sign up today.

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