• Mariah Carey And Brett Ratner But Whose BlackBerry?

    I'm not one to keep tabs on what celebrities are doing. Frankly, I'd rather watch paint dry. But I do try to keep knowledgeable on what is trendy because I have two teenage kids. Word to your mother, yo. (That's trendy still, right?) Anyways, I sometimes check on what's going on in Hollywood so I can see if my kids' favorite celebrities are behaving.

    When I surfed over to TMZ.com, I did notice that there was a picture of Mariah Carey and movie producer/director Brett Ratner getting cozy. But what caught my attention, other than Mariah Carey, was the BlackBerry on the table. No indication to whom it belongs, but it's great to see BlackBerry still making the rounds in iCloud hackable Hollywood.
    Photo: TMZ.com

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