• Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment COO Does Serious Business With BlackBerry Classic

    BlackBerry's ongoing partnership with Maple Leafs Sports & Entertainment seems alive and well. In a new commercial featuring Dave Hopkinson, CCO at Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment, we see how MLSE does serious business using the BlackBerry Classic. This isn't the first BlackBerry/MLSE combo commercial, as we've see Dave previously appear in a commercial for his Z30l, and Masai Ujiri (Toronto Raptors President/GM) with his BlackBerry Passport.

    When it comes to managing one of the world’s largest sports and entertainment companies, MLSE leaders rely on BlackBerry. That’s why CCO, Dave Hopkinson uses the BlackBerry Classic. It’s the smartphone he trusts, with more power and control than ever before. This is your power. Upgraded. Discover more at www.blackberry.com/Classic

    Who do you think benefits the most from this partnership? Do you think MLSE can help spur excitement for the BlackBerry brand? Let us know in the comments below!

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