• Manage Your Notes Between Local And Cloud With CherryNotes

    Indie developer, Nathan Campos, has reached out to tell us about his new game for PlayBook and BlackBerry 10 called, CherryNotes. Nathan recently started porting his applications to BlackBerry because of how RIM supported his developing in comparison to Apple or Google. Way to go RIM!

    App description: With CherryNotes you can easily manage your notes and select which ones will get synced to the cloud and which ones should stay local. With one click you back up notes to the cloud and with another click bring any note from the cloud back to your device, and all the notes that are on both locations get synced effortlessly.

    CherryNotes is available for BlackBerry 10 All Touch, Dev Alpha, PlayBook, and can be downloaded for only $0.99 via BlackBerry (App) World.

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