- The Main Differences Between BlackBerry 10 & BlackBerry 7 OS
  • The Main Differences Between BlackBerry 10 & BlackBerry 7 OS

    For those of you who are still holding dear to your BlackBerry 7 device and are thinking about making the leap to BlackBerry 10. Don't hesitate. Donny from the InsideBB Blog has compiled a nice simple list of the major differences between BB7 and BB10. I'm sure it's enough to convince you:

    1. Front-Facing Camera. I love having a front-facing camera for video conferencing, and I found myself wanting it on my BlackBerry Bold smartphone so I wouldnít have to grab my BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. Itís a small thing, but to me itís an important feature.
    2. 4G LTE. Availability of 4G speeds depend a great deal on your carrier, but the download speeds Iíve noticed on the BlackBerry Z10 definitely make videos and sharing faster and smoother.
    3. Apps and Games. While I definitely had a great collection of apps and games on my BlackBerry Bold smartphone, the graphics and processing capabilities of the BlackBerry Z10 are just that much better. What Iíve found in BlackBerry World is an awesome collection of fun and high quality games and productive apps that help me get through my day.
    4. Screen Resolution. Can we talk about 356 pixels per inch for second? Itís gorgeous. I remember being blown away by the 286 pixels per inch my BlackBerry Bold smartphone sported, but 356 is so much sweeter. And donít get me started on the 1080p HD recording versus the BlackBerry Bold 9900ís 720p.
    5. Storage. Now that Iím grabbing more music and movies while traveling (thanks, 4G and retooled BlackBerry World), I appreciate the 16GB of onboard space versus the 8GB my BlackBerry Bold smartphone had. (Side note: Remember when 2GB was a ton of space?)

    There is obviously much more to the new BlackBerry 10 OS than what was mentioned in the list. But that should be enough to wet your lips before you dig in and get your first BB10 device. Now the question is, QWERTY or Full-touch?

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