• Magic Wingdom Review

    Game Description
    Magic Wingdom takes "line drawing" genre to the next level. By adding several amazing twists such as color combo chains, and kicking the game dynamics to the league of swipe smashing arcades, it creates an absolutely new and fresh action-puzzle experience.

    Graphics and Sound
    Magic Wingdom has a rainbow of bright colors, from the marbles on the screen to the bright flash of lights. The marbles have a nice rolling sound effect, along with a smooth, peaceful background tune.

    Game play

    In Magic Wingdom your mission is to take out all the marbles on the screen by drawing a line from one marble to another. When you have three marbles hit each other you unlock a power up which can be coins, and additional ways to remove marbles quickly. You can purchase items for your farms which provide better ways to remove marbles on the screen quicker.

    Final Thoughts

    Magic Wingdom provides a fun unique line drawing game, full of a colorful set of marbles and a friendly smooth background tune. You play to achieve a higher score, higher level as well as purchase new items for your farm. While it will become repetitive quickly, its still worth the price tag.

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