• Locked Out Of Instagram For BlackBerry 10? Here's A Workaround To Log Back In!

    A working version of Instagram for BlackBerry 10 dropped a little while ago, and everyone was psyched to be able to use it. Unfortunately, last week users noticed if you uninstalled it or logged out, you were completely out of luck and couldn't get back in.

    Ever since then, everyone's been trying to find a work around for Instagram on BlackBerry 10, and it seems CrackBerry's latest post gives us a way back in. Please note, you need a Facebook account to use this workaround.

    1. Sideload Instagram for BlackBerry 10 on your Z10
    2. Open Instagram and click "Log In"
    3. Click "Forgot Password" and choose to reset it via Facebook
    4. Log in via Facebook and choose a new password
    5. That's it! You're back in!

    We tested this method and it does work so make sure you try it!

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