• Little 3 Kingdoms Now Available For BlackBerry 10

    The game developers of Funkoi have brought another great game title to BlackBerry 10 called, Little 3 Kingdoms. If you remember, Funkoi are the creators of the hot game Alpha Zero.

    Game description: Lead your army against the evil Usurper Dong Zhou, and save the Emperor from his evil clutches. Little 3 Kingdoms is a 2D side-scrolling strategy game that places the fate of the Three Kingdoms in your hands. Upgrade and defend your castle! Send out your troops to crush the Usurpers forces! Provide your units with all the upgraded gear that they need in order to wipe out your enemies. Use strategy and cunning to make it to the Castle and defeat the one that holds your Emperor hostage.

    -Breathtaking Effects and Graphics
    -100 Challenging Levels
    -A wide range of units, heroes and upgrades
    -A Cast of Heroes to help you defeat the Usurper
    -Strategic Gameplay with constant action, for new and experienced players.
    -Over 100 Achievements wait for you to explore

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