• Limited Edition BlackBerry 10 Developer Devices Not Coming Until Mid March

    Details about the BlackBerry 10 Limited Edition Developer device have been scarce since the initiative was first announced. We have gotten a few details, and we've even made some speculations of our own for fun, but how long developers would have to wait for these devices has never been addressed... until today.

    In an Inside BlackBerry Dev Blog post, jesseariss answers some of the most asked questions regarding the trade up program for the Limited Edition developer unit. Question #2 gives some insight as to the date.

    • "When will I receive my Limited Edition device?
      • The Limited Edition devices will begin shipping out six to eight weeks after the BlackBerry 10 launch on January 30, 2013"

    Not exactly what anyone wanted to hear/read. At this rate, developers can expect to see their L-Series devices in mid to late-March, 2013, no earlier than that.

    Why the wait? Well, developers can submit their apps to be approved for the trade up program until January 21st, 2013. After that, their apps need to be approved (which takes some time), and then depending on how "custom" this Limited Edition device is (think possible engraving), there are your six to eight weeks.

    Make sure to check out the full Inside BlackBerry Developer Blog post for full details about the Limited Edition device for developers.

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