• Limited Edition BlackBerry 10 Developer Device To Come With Special Engraving

    So as I was checking out the BlackBerry 10 Jam Sydney recap video uploaded by RIM today (see video above), and I came across some new things I didn't already know. At min 2:25 in the video, VP of Dev Relations, Alec Saunders, is seen talking to the the Sydney developer crowd, in which he states that the limited edition developer device that devs will recieve for submitting a BlackBerry 10 app, in exchange for their BB10 Dev Alpha device, will come engraved with the phrase, "Thank you for being part of the BlackBerry 10 launch."

    Saunders also says that only 12k of these limited edition developer devices will be made. Definitely going to be a rare piece of BlackBerry history. I'm already thinking about how much one will go for on eBay? That is if anyone is crazy enough to give theirs up!

    How about it, all you BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha owners? Get those BlackBerry 10 apps submitted so you don't miss out on the exclusive BlackBerry 10 Dev device!

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