• Limited Edition Black And Gold Passport Headed To ShopBlackBerry Soon

    BlackBerry for a long time was stuck in a rut when it came to colors for their phones. It seemed like they adhered to the Henry Ford school of color choices. Ford said, "Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black." Well, that seemed to apply to BlackBerry. Now in modern times, you can have your phones in a good deal of colors, including a possible blue model for the BlackBerry Classic.

    The BlackBerry Passport is no exception. With colors in Black, White, Red the Passport filled a void in the color gap. Now a limited edition Black and Gold Passport will be available at Shop BlackBerry Canada site soon for $999.00 Canadian. . If you head on over to shopblackberry.ca and click on the link to purchase the LE edition, you sadly get an error message saying, "Some products are out of stock or unavailable for purchase at this time."

    Don't be fooled though. This isn't a gold plated phone, just a gold colored phone. And the image from the shopblackberry.ca site uses the regular Piano Black phone image so we don't know what the real phone looks like. It could have a dull gold finish like the iPhones sport. So in essence, time will tell.

    Will you be buying the LE Gold and Black Passport when it comes up for purchase? Please let us know in the comments below.
    Source: CB

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