• The Limited Edition Black And Gold Passport Coming To Selfridges Soon?

    CONFIRMED: We have received a confirmation directly from BlackBerry that they are also selling the Limited Edition Black and Gold Passport through Selfridges. This will be your last chance to get your hands on one of the 50 devices made.


    As a reader has pointed out, and which I missed, it says in the Specifications tab that, indeed Selfridges WILL be selling 10 devices.


    The Limited Edition BlackBerry Passport went on sale about three weeks ago and sold out almost immediately at shopblackberry.com. BlackBerry said there were only 50 made and if you watched the video review from our newest writer, The Collector, you'd have noticed his LE Black And Gold Passport is numbered 45/50.

    It seems, possibly, that not all 50 were sold from shopblackberry.com as the retailer Selfridges, in the United Kingdom, appears to be offering them and has them marked as "Coming Soon". Their website shows the Limited Edition Black and Gold Passports advertised for £699.00 ($1,076 USD). We have inquiries out to Selfridges to see if this is an actuality or an error.

    It is unknown just how many Limited Edition Black and Gold Passports Selfridges will have for sale if at all, but it has to be very, very low stock as only 50 are made for sale worldwide. So, it seems if you still want to get a LE Black and Gold Passport, you still may have a chance.

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