• Lil' Panda And ASPCA Stickers In The BBM Shop Now Available

    Two of the cutest sticker packs to be introduced into the BBM Shop have arrived and one of sticker packs comes with a good cause attached. Lil' Panda and ASPCA Stickers are the newest additions to the BBM Sticker family. The ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) stickers feature dogs, cats and rabbits in various emotions you can share with friends to brighten their day. Plus, if you purchase this sticker pack, 6.5% of the purchase price goes to the ASPCA through June 2017. You can purchase the ASPCA pack for $1.99.

    Lil' Panda is "the biggest little optimist in the world" and he loves to bring the best and happiest of thoughts to the world. His mantra is "Happiness is contagious!" and you'll be happy when you add this little guy to your BBM Stickers collection. Lil' Panda costs $2.99.

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