• Like The Inevatibility of Death And Taxes, A BlackBerry Fan Gives Up Before The End

    So BlackBerry announces an Android phone and the BlackBerry faithful start jumping ship. SURPRISE! The knee jerk reactions are so fast they're probably putting people in the hospital. And people haven't even USED the Priv yet.

    One of those staunch supporters has been with BlackBerry for a LONG time. Good ol' BlackBerry Hank over at www.rimarkable.com recently announced his dramatic, long, and untimely departure from the company. (Twice actually). Why?

    I invested my time, money and my heart into this company and at the end of the day I was slapped in the face. Slapped in the face by the fact that BlackBerry would never truly listen to what the people were saying. Slapped in the face by the fact that BlackBerry NEVER and I mean NEVER took us true die hard supporters serious enough to make the required changes needed to ensure success in the BlackBerry10 OS.
    I understand the feeling of investment. I was (am) a webOS user. Fans of the platform and/or brand, Palm, felt abandoned when HP nixed it in 2011. So many flowerly and emotional posts were published on the forums at webOS Nation. Even the site's editor-in-Chief, Derek Kessler, posted a rather similar "F YOU" message to HP for their murderous and irresponsible treatment of the OS though he didn't leave the platform until much later. I even posted my OWN goodbye of sorts on the forum at the end of 2011 as well. So I get it. I really do.

    But let's get a couple things straight here:

    1. Samsung is not an OS. LG is not an OS. Apple is not an OS. Nokia is not an OS. Google is not an OS. And BlackBerry is not an OS. They HAVE an OS. In fact, they have many. BBOS #s and BB10. Did anyone jump ship when BB10 was announced? Some have stuck with BBOS because they like it better. You don't see them diving from the theoretical on-coming end of support grenade. In fact, no one is really talking about it. BB10 has been promised further development. Shouldn't that be enough? BlackBerry is a company and the sum of its parts. Services, features, feel, design, functionality, message, etc. You don't want to support Android on BlackBerry? Fine. Don't buy a Priv. No reason you can't still rock whatever phone you feel like.

    2. BB10 is not going to stop working when the Priv is released. I am still using webOS from time to time. And in the future, when BB10 is no longer supported, I will still use it. The end of support does not mean the end of functionality. Contrary to what the "big 3" would like you to think, just because a platform is nearing end-of-life does not mean that the devices which run the OS will stop working and you HAVE to move to one of them. "I'm heading to the carrier store to get a new phone because my BB10 device got the self destruct email". Come on. Really?

    He goes on:
    Thank you BlackBerry for all that you have done for me and I will truly miss you from the bottom of my heart. I wish you the best and hope that you will make the necessary moves in order to keep your company relevant moving forward.

    This is truly one of the saddest days that I have experienced in a very long time.

    Bruh. Miss them? Where are they going? "We've released an Android phone, pack up shop people, we're moving to Nantucket".

    So for the rest of us, please remain calm. You do not have to abandon ship, you do not have to choose to cut the red or blue wire yet, nor is this the last helicopter out of Vietnam. Relax and enjoy whichever device you choose.

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