• Lets Give BlackBerry 10 Voice Command System A Name...Petra!!

    (Pictured Left to Right: Petra Heins, Svenja Heins, Thorsten Heins)

    After seeing the video of the BlackBerry voice commands smoking the iPhone’s Siri and her supposed miraculous works, the idea came to me. We need to name the voice commands on the BlackBerry 10 after Thorsten Heins wife.

    We need to name the voice command service Petra.

    It seems only fitting that an honor should go to the woman behind the man who is leading Research In Motion’s turn around. Why not pay Petra Heins the honor?
    So, what do you say? Can we Team BlackBerry members make it happen? Can we put enough effort to get it named after Petra Heins?

    Let’s make it happen Team BlackBerry!!

    Photo: Zimbio.com

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