• Let @Instagram Know You Want A Native BlackBerry 10 App With Your Support For @Instagram4BB10!

    Ezequiel from Rock n' Roll Game Studio has let us know that he has put together a Twitter account to help get the attention of those sitting up high on their pedestal at Instagram, and to hopefully bring us one step closer to a native Instagram app for BlackBerry 10:
    Taking this crusade as our own, we created this account to gather all
    of us that want Instagram on BlackBerry10. Which I think is the only
    major app that is missing in BlackBerry World.

    Already almost 2000 followers on day one. With no official support at
    the time, but I am sure that will come if we continue to generate buzz

    Please help us spread the word! I know if we work altogether we can
    get this done.

    Twitter profile: @Instagram4BB10
    If you would like to see Instagram on BlackBerry 10, then you can do your small part by following @Instagram4BB10, and then tweet to the official @Instagram account that you'd like to see a native BB10 app.

    Be sure to also follow the @BlackBerryOS account for all the latest and greatest BlackBerry news via Twitter!

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