• Lenovo CEO Confirms Interest In BlackBerry Aquisition

    The Lenovo Group Ltd. has been somewhat candid regarding their potential acquisition targets over the past few months. The PC maker began mulling over a possible partnership with BlackBerry earlier this year and stated that they were looking for the right opportunity. BlackBerry began the review of its strategic options late last year. Lenovo is looking to enhance its mobile-device business and is actively looking for companies that could help them do that.

    In an interview with the French publication LesEchos, Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing was asked about the acquisition of BlackBerry. He stated that "for BlackBerry, the file could possibly make sense. But first I have to analyze the market well and understand what is the exact weight of this company" (Google Translate)

    Whether or not this means Lenovo would be solely looking at BlackBerry's hardware business or the company as a whole is still to be determined. Some analysts think that the recent security concerns that the U.S government has with Chinese based companies could prevent Lenovo from acquiring the entire company. Either way this is something that is sure to spike BlackBerry stock within the next couple of days.
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