• Leaked Slides Show Off BlackBerry 10 Cinnamon And French Toast Features

    We've seen previously leaked slides about RIM incorporating a feature called "Cinnamon Toasts" into BlackBerry 10's lock screen, and now we're getting even more insight as to what this could be referring to, along with another feature called "French Toasts." The guys over at N4BB ran across two leaked slides which detail these two bad ass features.

    In case you're wondering about the yummy names, "toasts" usually refer to notifications that pop up on your screen and can easily be dismissed or disappear on their own. RIM has apparently given it a flavorful name to coincidence with how delectable these features appear to be.

    Cinnamon Toasts is a feature that allows the user to preview their message(s) in different amounts right on the lock-screen depending on the angle at which they hold their device. This feature is accessible by simply picking up the device and not even having to unlock it. Obviously, if the phone is password protected this feature will not be enabled.

    French Toasts, on the other hand, is in essence an undo delete feature. The slide above shows how, instead of confirming the deletion of said object, it sends a toast after it's been deleted to ensure the user the option to undo said action.

    Suffice to say, having these "toasts" on BB10 will be insanely cool. But we know your opinion. What do you think of these rumored features of BlackBerry 10? Let us know in the comments below!

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