• Leaked: OS v10.0.10.648 For BlackBerry Z10 London STL100-1/Dev Alpha

    Hope you all are ready for an early Tuesday morning OS leak as we have got our hands on a pretty nice little update that should make all Z10 London (STL100-1) and Dev Alpha owners happy. This OS, v10.0.10.648, is the same version as the one that leaked a couple of weeks ago for the Lisbon (STL100-3) and has been tested in both Z10 London's and in Dev Alpha Bs.

    If you do have a Dev Alpha B, and decide to give this a run, it will unlock everything you previously did not have access to, like BBM Video, the native social network apps, Pictures, Videos, Music folder; etc.

    Again, please note this OS is for the STL100-1 Z10 model only! That is the non-LTE GSM Z10 model. If you are not sure what version your Z10 is, type "myver" in a text input with your Z10's keyboard, or check the About section in the Settings menu like pictured above.

    This is also a Windows install only, so to install this leaked OS, simply connect your device to your PC and run the .exe file.

    Make sure to back up everything beforehand using BlackBerry Link, as this update will wipe everything from your device, and leave it like new after the update.

    Warning: Please remember that this IS NOT an officially released operating system. If you wish to install this OS keep in mind that this may cause your phone to not function correctly. Also, keep in mind, running this .exe file will not back up your data, so make sure to back up everything prior to updating using BlackBerry Link.

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