• Leaked: OS For BlackBerry Z10 STL100-2, 3, And 4

    I literally just switched over to my Q10 last night to change it up a bit, and we get a Z10 leak at around the same time. Now, while this latest leak makes a big jump in terms of OS from 10.2.0.xxxx to 10.2.1.xxx, it does have an older Android runtime than the unlocked version we saw leak out before.

    Also, this OS only works with the STL100-2, 3, and 4, so if you're an STL100-1 owner, or a Q10/Q5, you cannot install this on your device.

    As always, if you want to give this leak a try, hit the download link below, and remember we are not responsible for anything you may accidentally do to your device should you try to install this.

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