• Leaked: Email Setup Application v7.11.0619.1924 (OS6+)


    Another leaked Email Setup App emerges from the recently leaked OS This should only be installed on a OS 6 device, nothing lower. Also, keep in mind that this is a leak so use digression. Here is a few words of advice from the creator of the leak...
    Desktop install recommended

    Email Setup Application v7.11.0619.1924 from the leak

    Try at your own risk - but this definitely works on 9800 - OS .570+ (what I've used it on) and therefore **should** work fine on 9780, 9700, 9300, 910x - other devices I'm not sure about.

    I recommend a backup before installing, just to be on the safer side (I normally just inject the .cods into any Javas I'm about to install or after I've installed and restored)

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