• Leaked Document Hints At Sprint Launch Date Of Q10 - Over Two Months After Every Other U.S. Carrier

    This is just sad. Apparently, Sprint, who is the only U.S. carrier to not launch the Z10, and is the last carrier to launch the Q10, is on deck to finally release the QWERTY BB10 device. According to this leaked internal document, the Q10 will be arriving on Sprint's network on August 30th.

    If this date is accurate, Sprint will be releasing the Q10 over two months after every other U.S. carrier. This is just absolutely ridiculous, and if you've been stuck with Sprint, and have wanted to get your hands on the Q10 this whole time, our hearts go out to you.

    Dare I ask, is anyone going to get the Q10 on Sprint? If so, how come you have stuck around with them? Leave us a comment below.

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