• Leaked 10.2.1 OS Shows Off New BlackBerry 10 Call Screen

    With every OS leak, we're hopeful something brand new will pop up, or be hidden somewhere. The latest 10.2.1 leak has done just that, and it's actually a pretty big change. The picture above, attained first by a member in the CB forums, shows BlackBerry 10's new call screen. Apparently, the software heads at Waterloo felt the change was needed, and will be implementing this moving forward.

    While to us hardcore users this change may seem odd, it was definitely needed. I have personally seen people struggle to grasp the UI, and the pull down to answer/swipe up to ignore gesture that the current BB10 call screen has. Is this a good change though? I suppose that's a matter of opinion, which is why we want to know what you think below!

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